Zero In: A Guided Approach to Support Your Zero Trust Strategy

When:  Jun 29, 2022 from 09:00:00 AM to 10:00:00 AM (PT)

Join the 2021 CSA-DC Chapter Research Team as they walk us through the concepts, technologies, business processes, and team building activities associated their recent CSA publication entitled “A Guided Approach to Support Your Zero Trust Strategy; A Guided Approach for a Complex Hybrid World”.

Dr. Mari Spina, Research Committee Chair, will moderate a panel of key research contributors to the paper and experts in the field of Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) development and adoption: Jyoti Wadhwa, Director, Cybersecurity Solutions Architect at T-REX Solutions, Paul Deakin, F5-CSE Security, F5-CSE Cloud Field Solutions Engineer, and Uma Rajagopal, Advisor and author of Essential Security Fundamentals; Security is not a Process; Not a Single Product.

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